Crystal Bindi Dance Studio
Northern Michigan’s Adventurous Dance/Fit Community!

Crystal Bindi Dance Studio began with the goal of facilitating positive transformation, both physical and personal. This global dance community is about getting fit from the inside out. Through movement, community, and self-expression, Crystal Bindi offers world dance classes that will make you sweat, laugh, and release you inner beautiful.

About the Studio
Penny Morris began belly dancing in 2003 to help her lose weight. While watching her mom shimmy in the living room, Adrian decided she wanted to be part of this new "hobby" her mom had discovered.

What began as a personal interest for Penny, became a shared experience for her and her daughter, an escape for a grieving mother, and finally a pillar of strength for an emerging business woman.

Penny began the studio to honor her daughter who was lost in a car accident in 2004. Penny had the opportunity to watch her quiet daughter blossom into a beautiful young woman through the confidence given to her by belly dance. To honor their shared experience and Adrian's transformation, Penny began Crystal Bindi Dance Studio, a dream of Adrian's, to help other women find themselves through dance and community.

History of Belly Dance
Often considered the oldest dance, Belly Dance developed through the influence of many different cultures and continues its long process of development today. Uniquely designed for the female body, it emphasizes abdominal muscles, and hip and chest moves. Because it is a smooth flowing, yet complex series of movements, belly dance is a wonderful fitness practice for all ages and physicial abilities.

What We Offer
In addition to a wide variety of daily classes, Crystal Bindi offers a continuum of oppotunities to explore the cultural aspects of dance through workshops, costuming, and choreography.

Our dance and exercise community also benefits from an exclusively designed sprung-wood dance floor that absorbs the shock that joints typically experience on conventional hardwood floors.

Crystal Bindi is also home to dance troupes the Jewel Jigglers, Raks Incendia, and Dancers of the Rising Phoenix, and a variety of instructors and dancers who are available to perform at your event as well as provide private workshops for your group. Please call the studio for pricing.

The studio also offers rentable studio space and massage therapy.

For more information, please contact us at (231) 932-0668 or

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All bellies welcome!

Jewel Jigglers Performing on Beach Jewel Jigglers Performing on Beach Jewel Jigglers Performing at Interlochen State Park Jewel Jigglers Performing at Interlochen State Park Jewel Jigglers Performing at Interlochen State Park